The Conclusion

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Internships, similar to most things in life, have a beginning and an end. Rewinding to the middle of May would take me back to the start, in which I nervously loitered in an Apple Store a block away from my internship site; fast-forwarding to a week ago would take me to the end, in which I […]

When starting an internship, one of the most important aspects to consider is how the real world differs from the academic one. The obvious answer is that there are many differences – there are almost no industries that are identical to classroom environments – but depending on your site, the adjustments you make will differ […]

Sophomore year: The point in one’s college education where everything begins to fall into place. Unlike freshman, sophomores are familiar with how the system works and are no longer learning the ropes; unlike seniors, sophomores are not under suffocating pressure of securing jobs upon graduation. Sophomore year allows for students to embody the essence of […]

On the first day of my internship, the Archer Gray office was quiet. I began relatively early for a summer intern — my first day was in the middle of May — and as a result of such, there was a week and a half long period where I was the only new person there. […]

My daily commute is an essential part of my internship, as it is what allows me to actually get to Archer Gray. Below is a picture of me at the beginning of the day!   The first mode of transportation that I take is a train on Metro North. I usually wake up at 7 […]

Nowadays, a great portion of films that are produced are derived from books. In light of how popular these book to film interpretations are, I decided to compile a list of novels that I read at Dickinson over the past year in English classes that I think would function well in the film industry. They […]

My First Day

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Nine minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, I woke up drenched in a cold sweat, and hastily  untangled limbs from sheets as I pushed myself to a sitting position and tried to catch my breath. The sunlight streaming  through  cracks in my shades and the spoons clanking against cereal bowls downstairs prevented […]

This summer, I will be an intern for Archer Gray in New York, New York. Archer Gray is a production, finance and investment company that specializes in film, theater, and television and media venture capital. It was founded a few years ago by Dickinson alumni Amy Nauiokas and since then has taken off, gaining the attention […]

Hello world!

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