Finishing Strong and Maintaining Relationships


As my internship comes to a close, the value of finishing strong is becoming very apparent. Looking around at the group of interns that are working here at PKSOI, it is clear that not everyone working here has the same mentality during the last couple weeks of the summer. Although the atmosphere is pretty relaxed and my project was mostly completed, I still made an effort to work diligently and ask for new projects even if I couldn’t finish them. That final push really made a difference to how my mentor viewed my work ethic and proved to him that I wasn’t done until the second I clocked out on Friday afternoon. Any push I can make to improve my relationship with him will be beneficial in the future when looking for other internships or jobs.

Having a check out interview with your mentor might also be beneficial to your future career path. Internships give you a rare opportunity to foster a relationship with someone in a strictly professional setting. This relationship can be a great asset to you down the road when potential employers ask for references or recommendations. Communicating appreciation and thanks to your mentor can go a long way when looking for references or networking for jobs in the future.

This kind of appreciation should also be communicated to any groups or people who helped in your internship experience. For this reason, I would like to give a shout out to Dickinson College for their awesome grant program, which allowed me to have an incredible experience this summer. Because this internship is unpaid, I would not have been able to afford to stay over the summer and live independently without an income. Thank you Dickinson for your support!

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