9th Week: At the Office Continued

By | August 17, 2014

During the 9th week at the office not many things changed. Routine is something that sooner or later gets us all unless you have some kind of adventurous job or lifestyle.

I kept handling the issues regarding computers and information systems. I started working on the code, appearance and content for a new website for the organization and I started getting my hands on the CMS (Content Management System) of the current one as well as getting a better idea about how the server worked (as the person responsible is on vacations I have to deduct some aspects of it).

I also started designing a proposal for new features such as an automated intern application intake in the website to ease the process and selection of future interns and increase the personal of the organization. I also proposed dividing the organization into concrete sections such that specific tasks and functions could be more easily assigned. My recommendation was to create 3 sections which I believe would be key factors in the expansion of the organization.

  • An IT department with people in charge of the maintenance, upgrade and development of the resources of the organization.
  • A Media Development department with people in charge of generating the news updates for the website, the graphical content such as banners and advertises, instructional videos for the services and so on.
  • A Marketing & Public Relations department in charge of seeking new members and handling the old ones, publicizing the organizations work and working on the organization’s image through conferences, symposiums and academic gatherings.


Yet I found that from ideas to reality there is a wide gap and that expansion might not necessarily be the goal to achieve.

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