Week 3

Wow! Week three flew by!

Another intern, Bari joined us on Tuesday morning. She had just returned Sunday from a semester abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As Charlotte and I hope to be heading to that country in Spring 2018 we pestered her with questions.

I continue to work on various things with the Walking the Walk program. We finally heard back from someone at NYU and they said the plan is for Of Many to come out on Youtube in late July! Yay! Now I don’t have to figure out how to get rights to screen the film and YOU can watch it too. I continue to brainstorm and prep for the Alumni event and work on littler projects in the office.

More exciting things…this afternoon interviewed a student who participated in Walking the Walk this past year for an Alumni highlight. Then, this evening Charlotte and I tagged along with the St. Joe’s Prep boys (who were on an Alternative Break program hosted by the Interfaith Center) as they went to the Sikh Society of Upper Darby. There was a presentation on Sikhism, we observed part of a prayer, were fed lots of food and then finished things off with a group discussion. Gurudwaras (places of Sikh worship) are known for providing food to people weekly, even daily. Apparently in India there’s a Gurudwara that feeds about 100,000 people daily.  Their hospitality is so radical but meaningful: the faith is founded on the idea that no matter what caste, ethnicity, faith, or background, all people should have access to religion and to God. I learned that most of the men in the U.S. who wear turbans are Sikh, which is very important to note because the Sikh emphasize that all people are a part of God’s family…so different from terrorist organizations. We were handed a packet of more info, photos of part of it are below.

page 1…sorry its so hard to read!


Shoelaces and working in Outdoor Spaces

This week was the first full week. I began on bigger projects for Walking the Walk but also helped out with other things around the office, like tying together 100 pairs of shoe laces. This summer, I am in charge of planning an event for Walking the Walk alumni and reviewing the curriculum with Anneke.

One of the many pairs of shoe laces we tied to distribute to Alternative Break groups.

Side note– As I was looking up the movie we hope to show (Of Many) I discovered NYU’s Global Spiritual Life Office has sooo many resources on their website. They developed the Faith Zone program (which may come to Dickinson’s campus in the coming years), this movie and run a podcast on iTunes called Multifaithful. Check it out, it’s really interesting!

On Wednesday we had our weekly meeting and Intern Amanda presented on Elizabethtown’s Interfaith Leadership Studies major. The staff was very excited and was brainstorming ways The Center could aid this program and encourage others like it.

Thursday the Interns had our second Development Day where we were introduced to Letters of Intent (which are written to convince foundations to give grant money to an organization) and 990 forms.  During the morning where the interns were told to try and write our own Letters of Intent, we (Amanda, Charlotte and I) sat outside in the courtyard of the building. It was such a nice morning!

Amanda and me working hard on our first draft of a Letter of Intent

And so it begins!


I began my internship this past Wednesday at the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia. I am very excited to finally be here!

How did I find and attain this internship? This past year I worked in the Office of Religious Life which is a part of Dickinson’s Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice.  A few weeks before spring break, my boss sent a link and asked the religious life student leaders if we wanted to attend the “Interfaith Campus Leadership Conference” which was put on by the Interfaith Center. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go but I was very excited to find internship opportunities on the Interfaith Center’s website. The application process was straightforward and a few weeks later, when I was offered the unpaid internship, I immediately applied for Dickinson’s internship grant. I was lucky enough to be offered the grant, which pays for transportation and food (I had found free housing with family)!

So now, here I am in Philadelphia. I attended my first staff meeting on Wednesday. I met two of the three other interns as well as much of the full time and part time staff. You can read about us here! At the weekly meetings, the staff go around and check-in about projects they are doing in the office and then there is usually a presentation by a staff member. This week’s focus was on logos, slogans and marketing.

Thursday was my first full day. I experienced the first “Development Day” with the other interns. This time around was a get-to-know-you experience: we shared our faith journeys, why we think Interfaith Understanding is important and later began an intro to non-profit fundraising.

Development Day
The lobby of our office…oh hey it’s the Interfaith Center!