And so it begins!


I began my internship this past Wednesday at the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia. I am very excited to finally be here!

How did I find and attain this internship? This past year I worked in the Office of Religious Life which is a part of Dickinson’s Center for Service, Spirituality and Social Justice.  A few weeks before spring break, my boss sent a link and asked the religious life student leaders if we wanted to attend the “Interfaith Campus Leadership Conference” which was put on by the Interfaith Center. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go but I was very excited to find internship opportunities on the Interfaith Center’s website. The application process was straightforward and a few weeks later, when I was offered the unpaid internship, I immediately applied for Dickinson’s internship grant. I was lucky enough to be offered the grant, which pays for transportation and food (I had found free housing with family)!

So now, here I am in Philadelphia. I attended my first staff meeting on Wednesday. I met two of the three other interns as well as much of the full time and part time staff. You can read about us here! At the weekly meetings, the staff go around and check-in about projects they are doing in the office and then there is usually a presentation by a staff member. This week’s focus was on logos, slogans and marketing.

Thursday was my first full day. I experienced the first “Development Day” with the other interns. This time around was a get-to-know-you experience: we shared our faith journeys, why we think Interfaith Understanding is important and later began an intro to non-profit fundraising.

Development Day
The lobby of our office…oh hey it’s the Interfaith Center!

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