Another Week and Another Amanda

In week 4 of Sara’s wild adventure at the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia, I met up with my mentor for the first time, observed a meeting to promote Walking the Walk in a new church, made the Walking the Walk Reunion internet official and finished up some newsletters.

The church Anneke and I went to for a WTW meeting. St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church…not in Carlisle PA

My mentor’s name is Amanda S. She has newly joined the Board of Directors of the Interfaith Center and is very passionate about interfaith work and religious education. She took a lot of classes at the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Philadelphia  and has recently been involved in a interfaith group in her neighborhood. I will meet up with her at least once more before the end of the summer and I am told she will be a resource for me in the future…which I am looking forward to because our discussion on Monday morning was so interesting!

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