Stories, Shake Shack and Shambhala

This week was a short week. Monday and Tuesday the office was closed for the holidays. On Wednesday we had our regular staff meeting, shared the story of our names and then an interfaith story we either lived or a friend lived. It was really amazing to share and get to know one another better, understand why we do what we do. Later that day Charlotte, Bari, John and I grabbed dinner at Shake Shack after work before heading to the Shambhala Center.  John told us about his journey and how he ended up at the interfaith center. At first nervous to have a staff member join our young intern dinner, it was a great experience full of laughter and contemplation. Wednesday was the first night of the Gateway to Religious Communities series that Charlotte has put together for this summer. There was a GREAT turnout. It was wonderful to learn more about Shambhala Budhism. “It is more a philosophy than a religion” was a comment that stood out to me.

Jude talking about the significance of some things in the room
The meditation room we used
Group Photo!

Then Thursday was the usual development day. We brainstormed for fall fundraisers, finalized a “Thank You” card for donors and returned to our personal projects.

Friday I worked an extra day so I can get a day off a different week. I came into the office and saw I had 3 people register for the reunion! I connected with Student Group Leaders to attain the rest of their forms, looked into more research and added to the agenda.

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