Walking Through Another Week

This week began with the Walk for Understanding  in which I joined Anneke, Allison and a couple of other women for 6 miles (out of a 10 mile walk). The group began at Main Line Reform Temple, I joined them at Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship (a mosque)  and we finished up at the Episcopal Cathedral near Drexel. I really appreciated all of the conversations I had with the women: learning about Anneke’s past jobs working with refugees in Philadelphia and a women’s empowerment organization, Marilyn’s niece who also had scoliosis surgery who works with detainees, and many others who had worked as ministers, interfaith chaplains in hospitals, etc. Many heroines walked through Philadelphia last Sunday!

The rest of the week was filled with evaluations: recording scaled responses from pre-evaluations and post-evaluations that participants took before and after the Walking the Walk program. Once I entered the data I was able to produce graphs and work with Canva to produce an infographic.

On Wednesday Morning I met up with my mentor again in Chestnut Hill. She gave me an activity to start an interfaith discussion at school or wherever else and she talked about her experience developing liturgical auditing program. This program aimed to help churches see how they can be more welcoming to strangers: at least two auditors who had been trained would be invited to a place of worship, sit away from each other and take notes on their experience. They would not write about the preaching style but would comment on the community, the architecture and other elements that contribute to different people feeling comfortable. We talked about my time at the Interfaith Center, what I think I will take out of the summer, etc. We won’t be able to meet again this summer due to our schedules but I look forward to keeping in touch with her!

Yesterday I went with Anneke to Main Line Reform Temple to talk with them about Walking the Walk . Their synagogue has been involved with the program since it began and they had a lot of energy to find new ways to make the program fit their youth which was exciting.


Three women walked this whole route.
The Mosque
The crew at the gurdwara
Finally at the Cathedral!

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