The End of a Chapter: Summer 2017

This week was filled with lasts: last Gateway to Religious Communities, last learning lunch, last development day, last meeting with Anneke, last intern bonding time.

On Sunday, I attended Main Line Unitarian Church with Charlotte and seven others. It was a interesting service to observe: the visiting minister talked about coming back to ourselves and her journey of learning to be okay with accepting criticism and compliments. After the service the lead minister and some of the trustees of the church came to dialogue with us during question and answer period, which was helpful.

The Walking the Walk Reunion 2017 took place on Tuesday evening and was very successful: 23 people showed up, many staying for the whole event. I think everyone enjoyed catching up with each other and meeting new people. We had alumni and mentors who were involved in the Walking the Walk youth program from 2008 to last year. Discussion flowed smoothly, my weaving craft turned out really well and people seemed to enjoy the film.

Giving the intro to Of Many
A silly group picture: more pictures can be found on the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia’s facebook page

Thursday was my last day. I finished up some small projects and then Amanda treated us with ice cream in the afternoon to celebrate our last Development Day. That evening, we finally had the staff event the interns had been planning all summer: dinner at Tamarind in old city and La La Land in Penn’s Landing afterwards.

This summer has been amazing: yes, slow at times like any job, but for the most part I enjoyed it. The staff are so warm, I connected deeply with the other interns and I had a nice balance of direction and projects I could make my own. It was amazing being in a city with so many different communities of people and different cultures. I have loved learning about other faiths that I had no exposure to living in rural Southern Maryland and Carlisle.

If you are interested in interfaith work and my experience sounded interesting you can go to the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia’s intern page. If you live in the Philadelphia area and just want to shadow for the day, that’s possible too. Also since this was an unpaid internship, I was very fortunate to get help from Dickinson to pay for gas and food. I could have applied for money to support housing but I had family in the area and was able to save money that way. I definitely recommend applying for the Internship Grant: contact Amity Fox in the Dickinson Career Center for more information.