Dear Seniors,

How did the past four years fly by so quickly?! It’s almost time for graduation, and for some Dickinsonians, that also means it will soon be time to make a first student loan payment!

You remember all of the details from your Entrance Counseling four years ago, right? 

…kidding, obviously. (If you remember all the details, we’re impressed.)

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to student loan repayment, but it all boils down to a few highlights. Come to a 30-minute (or less) Student Loan Exit Counseling Workshop to get the details.

Workshops will be held:

May 3rd @ 12:15pm, HUB 205                                     May 3rd @ 12:45pm, HUB 205

May 16th @ 11:00am, HUB 201                                  May 16th @ 11:30am, HUB 201

May 17th @2:00pm, HUB 201                                      May 17th @ 2:30pm, HUB 201


All sessions are open, but RSVPs are strongly encouraged. Watch your Dickinson email for RSVP details.


See you soon,

Your Financial Aid Office