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What’s Important About Money to You?

Local finance expert Lindsey Ciarrocca came to campus last Thursday to share some finance basics with interested students. Lindsey talked about the importance of having financial goals and plans – even as early as your time in college!

Using a pyramid of financial needs – which psychology students would recognize as akin to Maslow’s  Heirarchy of Needs – Lindsey helped us to consider the bottom level of financial wellness. Attendees inventoried some personal short- and long-term goals, and were challenged to consider what they hope retirement will look like. We talked about the way a budget can help us reach financial goals, and learned why it is important to create an emergency fund.

“Sooner is better” – Illustrating the wonder of compounding interest and the importance of early retirement contributions.

Many thanks to Lindsey for volunteering her time, and thanks to Dickinson’s Women’s & Gender Resource Center for co-sponsoring the event.

Pop-Up Series #2: Student Loans


Carolyn and Amy share important information.

Today we held a pop-up workshop to answer questions related to student loans. We didn’t stop there, though, and were able to answer questions about credit scores, student accounts, study abroad, and how Salt works! Thanks to everyone who dropped in with thoughtful questions – you made this pop-up a success!


Salt freebies. The fidget spinners always go first.



Big thanks to Carolyn and Erica from financial aid, Amy from Student Accounts, and our Savē Co-Coordinators, for volunteering their time.



Pop-Up Series #1: First Year Finance

Last Thursday, we hosted our first official event of the season- a pop-up workshop to address any question a first-year student might have about money. We were excited to see upper class students drop in, too!

Creating a Salt account

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our First Year Finances Pop-Up Workshop last week! We had some great conversations about building good credit, using Salt to keep track of loans, financial aid applications for studying abroad, and more. Big thanks to Chris and Ruth from Financial Aid, and Amy from Student Accounts, for helping at this event.  And of course, a huge shout-out to our student volunteers who work hard to bring financial literacy information to our campus!

(L to R) Rebecca, Chris, Ruth, Amy, Shakira, and Miray – part of our fantastic pop-up team. 

First Year Finance Pop-Up Workshop

Your first semester of college can be overwhelming, but dealing with your money doesn’t need to be on that list of #stress

Bring your questions to one location – HUB 201 from 12 – 1:30 pm on Sept. 21 – and get answers from financial aid, student accounts, and Savē student ambassadors.


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