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Dickinson + VITA

April 15th. This date might not ring any bells for you right now, and – let’s be honest – it sounds pretty far away.

April 15th is the standard filing deadline* for US federal tax returns. If you make money in 2017 and
  • Want to file a return to potentially receive a tax refund from the federal government, or
  • You made enough money that you are required to file –
you’ll need to keep April 15th in mind.


Lots of students have confusion over federal tax filing, and with good reason – tax law can seem like a total mystery if you don’t deal with it regularly! We always recommend students get involved with Dickinson’s VITA connection.

VITA stands for the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program. It is approved by the IRS and supported locally through the United Way. There are two ways you can participate:
  1. Take advantage of the opportunity to have your US federal taxes** filed for FREE, on campus! The VITA office is open on Monday evenings from late January through the end of February. You’ll need to sign up for an appointment, so watch for more information closer to tax filing time.
  2. Why not volunteer?! This is a great opportunity to learn a valuable life skill, while giving back to our campus and the Carlisle community. Once you have the training, you’ll be able to help others, file your own taxes, and who knows – it might turn into a paying side gig for you one day!

To learn more, attend the VITA informational meeting on Thursday, October 5, from 1 – 1:25 PM in Althouse 201.

Email Professor Joy Middaugh for more details. 


*For 2017 tax returns, the filing deadline will be April 17, 2018. This is because the 15th falls on a weekend, and Monday the 16th is Emancipation Day, a legal holiday.
**If you need to file an international return, contact CGSE for support.

Searching for Student Ambassadors

Last fall, we started the search for Salt Ambassadors. Over time, we decided to broaden the scope of the program, adopted the name “Savē” (more on that in another post!), and we’re continuing to grow. We’re always looking for students who believe that personal financial literacy is important, and who want to help us create a program that meets the needs of all Dickinsonians. If you think you might be interested, reach out to us via email ( or through EngageD to learn more about this unique opportunity to leave a legacy.

Thanks to the Dickinsonian for helping us spread the word!  Financial Literacy Platform Seeks Out Student Ambassadors, by Becca Stout ’20.

How to Be a Savvy Saver

We were really excited to be featured news in Dickinson Today last spring, when MaryAlice Bitts-Jackson wrote an article on our efforts.

“Because the program is self-directed and tailored to individual needs and interests, students can begin training at any stage of their undergrad careers.”






You can read the full article here:  How to Be a Savvy Saver: Program Helps Students Lay Groundwork for Financial Success

Why We Started Savē


You’ve probably only heard of Savē recently, but we’ve been laying groundwork to bring financial literacy to Dickinsonians for quite a while. Last fall, our adviser met with The Dickinsonian to talk about the new effort.


“How much do you know, how much do you think you know, how comfortable are you talking about financial literacy, what do you want to know more about and what are the best ways that we can convey that information to you?”


Here’s the full article from Jillian Clark ’19 about the birth of the program:  Students Begin Path to Financial Literacy



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