Miray Kaplangi, Class of 2018


Q: How do you define financial literacy, and what topics interest you most?

A:  I define financial literacy as awareness of how you manage your finances. I most interested in savings, because I like to plan for the future.


Q: What is your personal money philosophy?

A: Buyer’s remorse is real! Although it doesn’t always work, I try to force myself to question my shopping habits.


Q: Do you keep a budget? Why or why not?

A: I never kept a budget at Dickinson because life on campus is already planned out. We don’t need to buy extra things. Nevertheless, when I graduate I will need to keep a budget the first couple of months.


Q: Have any events at Dickinson inspired you to change your financial habits?

A: Joining the Savē Devils at Dickinson pushed me to become aware of not only my financial habits but also the generational problems. Pop-Up events that Savē helped set-up, from budgeting, to saving to financial scams raised my awareness in what I could be doing to help myself save in the future.


Q: What financial literacy-related advice would you give first year students?

A: If first years want more exposure to financial literacy, I would recommend them to join the Savē Devils! Even if they don’t have time to join the team, first years should attend the Pop-up events. If they don’t have any questions, they can still come to events and let the financial literacy team take care of the rest. However, if they have more specific questions they should never shy away from the financial aid office.