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No FOCE needed!

Good fortune. Before our second visit to the MBRS we encountered some local fishermen, who told us of crabs they’d caught with pitted and damaged carapaces.  Hmmmmm, we thought.  A potential symptom of acidification!  But how could the crabs have … Continue reading

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Ocean acidification study groups

Papers, papers, and more papers The University of Queensland is home so many expert’s on climate change, and particularly the phenomenon of ocean acidification.  Acidification is the result of carbon dioxide entering the oceans from the atmosphere and being converted … Continue reading

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Global Scholars Program provides an ideal climate for research abroad

Good on ya, Global Scholars! Seventeen Dickinson students participating in a new research-intensive course, arrived in Brisbane in January at the height of summer and immediately dove into the new Global Scholars program with Prof. Tom Arnold.  Before they were … Continue reading

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Global Scholars – Australia

The Global Scholars program is an initiative to promote student scholarship at our partner institutions abroad. This program allows select Dickinson students to join a faculty-led student research team to study issues of global significance while participating on a Dickinson … Continue reading

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Meet the F.O.C.E.

Free-Ocean-Carbon-Enrichment Our oceans have absorbed about a third of the carbon dioxide emitted since the dawn of the industrial revolution, slowing climate change.  Unfortunately, this absorbed CO2 changes our ocean’s chemistry – it carbonates seawater much like CO2 carbonates fountain … Continue reading

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