Screening Korea

Qilin Cai (Jacky) Professor Jina Eleanor Kim Screening Korea 05/12/2017   The Nationalism of Korea   Human being and other creatures can increase their opportunity to survive by being part of a group. So, our ancestors will create a group, like tribe, to survive and reproduce. Human also need the mental power and belief to […]

The Koreans’ fight for Independence was a path filled with suffering and heroism, as is the case with many other such endeavors in history. The key players that were actively involved in this effort were primarily individual Independence activists or groups of such motivated individuals, like the Korean Provisional Government (KPG) or the Korean Commission […]

Written by Ben Eppinger   No nation wants to be stuck in the past, but that doesn’t mean modernization doesn’t come without its own struggles as well. Bong Joon-ho’s observations of a rapidly changing Korea depicted in Memories of Murder and The Host reveal a country whose society is readjusting to the modern era. Over […]

Patrick Kennaly The Perception of Nationalism in Korean Film Ever since the foundation of South Korea after the Korean War, a distinct and impressive catalog of films have been created that are unique to the South Korean experience.  In only a approximately 60 year period, a flourishing national cinema has expanded at a blistering pace, […]

The Differences in Shared Feelings in the Koreas When the relationship between North and South Korea is discussed now a days, most people immediately think of mutual hate. The two countries have been completely and politically different and at a stage of near war ever since the Korean war ended. However, this relationship is different […]

By Cuong Nguyen According to Karl Marx, human history is the history of struggle. People are constantly fighting for their rights and progressive ideas. It’s those relentlessly conflicts that distinguishes different human societies with structures and characteristics, in which everyone experiences their position within the society differently. During the Japanese colonial period in the 1930s, […]