Screening Korea
Curating Korean History

Final assignment

Due :  Tuesday, May 9, 2017; 5:00PM–Tuesday, May 16; 9:00AM

For our final project, you will be curating your own Korean film and history page on our course blog.

A curator collects, manages, organizes, documents, researches, interprets, and exhibits material objects. In our case, this object will be Korean films.

Identity an aspect of Korean history that you are interested in investigating. In our course, we started in the Joseon dynasty to the present day covering numerous topics from colonialism and war to democratization. Within these larger topics, we also discussed more specific issues regarding colonial modernity and the role of gender, for example. There are also many topics and issues that we did not cover in the course either in lecture or through watching a film on the topic.

What has caught your interest about Korean history? What event, person, place, time, etc. struck you as puzzling, frustrating, angering, funny, contradictory, etc.

  1. Pose a historical question.
  2. Research the topic. Use our text book and revisit the essays we have read in our course. In addition, find three other secondary sources on your topic that could help you to answer your question. Find three primary sources on your topic that could help you to answer your question. Two of these sources must be films. Of these two films, one must be a film that you find on your own. In other words, of the three primary sources, one of the film has to be one that was not assigned in class.
  3.  Decide on an approach you would like to think through your topic. See Corrigan’s book. Would your question be best answered through the lens of auteur study? For example, How has Park Chan Wook dealt with modern Korean history’s traumatic past? In this case, you would watch as many of Park’s films and place them within your investigation how a particular auteur constructs a sense of unity or disunity through his film. Or another approach or a combination of approaches best answer your question.
  4. Curating on digital platform. You have been given a blog space to curate your work. Your final curatorial work combines writing and images (still shots and moving image clips) to answer your historical question. You will exhibit your work in this space. This space will also serve as an archive for your work. Through the archive we are creating, it will also demonstrate how in the early 21st century, American students thought about, interpreted, and interacted with Korean history through film.
  5. The words need to be approximately 2100-2700 words (approximately 7-9 pages if it were to be printed).
  6. Images: about 5-7 images of which one has to be a moving image clip.
  7. Proper citation and documentation required.

Due Dates:

Week 13                     (April 20)

  1. Young-jin Kim, Korean Film Directors: Park Chan-wook
  2. Film     JSA (2000) and Oldboy (2003)
  3. Assignment: Moodle forum: Who is Park Chan-wook? And what kind of films has he made? How does he think about Korean history?
  4. Research: Refine your research question.

Week 14                     (April 27)

  1. Based on your research, draft a working bibliography of your primary and secondary sources. (MLA or Chicago Style) and bring it to class.

Week 15                     (May 4) Conclusion

  1.  Watch one of the films that you will be using for your final project.
  2. One page summary of the film and how this film contributes to answering your question. One image from the film and how this image best contributes to answering your question. Bring both to class.