Screening Korea
Screening Korea

EASN 204-01/FLST 210-02/HIST 215-02

 Screening Korea: Films and Historical Understanding

Dickinson College/ Spring 2017

Thursdays 1:30-4:30, Denny 204

Instructor: Professor Jina Eleanor Kim, Ph.D. <>

Do national cinemas evolve with a country’s major transformations? How do historians analyze films and how do filmmakers represent history? In this course, we will investigate South Korean and North Korean films with the aim of gaining a rich and textured understanding of these nations’ past and present. Using films as our primary sources, we will learn about the politics, economy, and social relations of key time periods in the past. Through films, we will also chart changes in society and examine salient aspects of collective memories about the Choson Dynasty (1392-1910), the colonial era (1910-1945), national division (1945-present), and postcolonial economic development (1961-1987). In addition to the films, we will read scholarly texts about North and South Korean histories and societies.