Blog Prompt #1: Things Fall Apart, Part I

Blog Post #1 Due: Tues 9/18, 12noon // Comments #1-2 Due: Tues 9/18, 11:59pm

Cover of Norton Anthology for Things Fall Apart

Provide a detailed close reading of one specific literary device from Part I (pp. 1-74) of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Given that this is a large portion of a novel, select a specific and focused literary device from a particular scene or chapter. Use the steps detailed below to develop a fluid and cohesive argument about the significance of this literary device within the selected scene, chapter, or section of the novel.

Introduce (name/describe) the literary device you plan to analyze and frame a cohesive quote illustrating the selected literary device. Remember to provide enough context to situate your reader within the relevant section of the text.

Describe what specific effects this device produces – remember, you will need to re-quote / reference specific portions of the text in this portion of your close reading.

Explain how the device produce these effects – again, re-quote / reference the text as needed to illustrate your claims.

Explain why these effects are significant to your reading of this scene, chapter, or section of the novel.