Blog Prompt #4: Half of a Yellow Sun (pp. 1-183)

Blog Post #4 Due: Tues 10/30, 12noon // Comments #7-8 Due: Tues 10/30, 11:59pm

Cover of Half of a Yellow SunAfter reading the first 183 pages of Half of a Yellow Sun, describe a specific tension, conflict, resonance, or affinity between any two characters in the novel.

Then, provide a summary of a specific scene, with relevant quotes, to illuminate the dynamics between these characters.

Follow this summary with a detailed close reading of 2 literary devices from the quotes you’ve cited to showcase the dynamics between these characters. In your close reading, you need to illustrate how these literary devices work in conjunction with one another:

  • Explicitly name / identify the literary devices you analyze
  • Describe what effects they produce
  • Explain how these effects are produced
  • Detail how these effects build on / interact with one another
  • Showcase why these effects are significant to understanding these characters’ relationship.

Reminder: Please carefully re-read the assignment sheet & rubric for both blog posts & comments. Make sure that each section of your post & each of your comments are meeting the specific requirements of these assignments.