Blog Prompt #6: Primary Texts

Blog Post #6 Due: Tues 12/4, 12noon // Comments #11-12 Due: Tues 12/4, 11:59pm

In preparation for your Thesis Proposal, this blog post will be an opportunity to introduce and reflect on two primary (literary) texts that might be a good fit for your Senior Thesis. In this post, you must:

  1. Introduce and describe your general fields / areas of interest. Describe the kinds of questions, themes, issues you’re interested in – push yourself to be as specific as possible.
  2. Transition from your interests to an introduction and brief summary of two primary texts that you are deeply excited about. These introductions and brief summaries should cover basic publication information (author, title, year of publication), and include concise but concrete summaries of key characters, events, plot points, etc. For an example of focused and specific text summaries, see Lindsey Green-Simms introduction of “On Monday of Last Week” on page. 151 of her article, “The Emergent Queer.”
  3. For each text, describe what you find especially interesting, complex, and/or problematic about the text: What might you try to unpack or analyze in this text? What patterns or motifs keep nagging at you about this text? How does this text speak to, illuminate, or complicate your areas of interests?
  4. Conclude with a focused reflection on what challenges you’re facing as you think about these texts. What are your concerns about choosing between (or choosing both) these texts? What are you wrestling with? What are you unsure about? Again, try to be as specific as possible. Think of this section of your post as an opportunity to get focused feedback from me about the selection of your primary texts.

A few notes on organization:

  • This blog post will not follow the length or organization of our other posts. Write as much as needed to provide full and detailed responses to the requirements above.
  • After completing step 1, you might want to tackle each text one at a time. In other words, introduce the first text you’re interested in working with (step #2), then provide the reflections required in step #3 for just that text. Then, move on to the second text, and repeat steps #2-3 for that text. Keep in mind that your introduction and reflection on each text may take 2-3 or 3-4 paragraphs.
  • Your conclusion should speak to challenges / concerns regarding both texts.
  • This post should still feature lively, vibrant, and clear writing that is attentive to mechanics, topic sentences, paragraph breaks, and transitions.
  • Be sure to include an image, tags, and Works Cited list.