Coincidentally, the halfway mark of my internship at a Canadian Immigration Law Centre fell on July 1st – Canada Day. It marked Canada’s 151st birthday as a nation, even though most Canadians recognize that people lived on this land long before the concept of Canada was even conceived. Even citizens of European descent are descendants of immigrants, so working at an immigration law firm on this day was serendipitous at the least. This holiday served as an opportune moment to reflect on everything that I had learned at Sas & Ing so far and celebrate everything that makes Canada what it is. Over 300,000 people immigrate into Canada each year, and in a country of only 37 million people, you can imagine that embracing diversity and facilitating international cooperation play large roles in the continuation of a culturally, ethnically, and intellectually diverse population.

As the heartbreaking Mexican border situation afflicting the people trying to immigrate to our neighbours to the south persists, I sit in my office 30 minutes away from a different border with the same country. My immersion in an office that focuses on bringing people into the country has created cognitive distance to the situation at the Mexican border. My experiences here make it hard to believe that such a situation could exist as we are working long and hard hours to facilitate immigration in an efficient way.

I believe that the importance of immigration in creating a robust and comprehensive public cannot be stressed enough. The halfway mark of my internship at Sas & Ing fell on a day that I could reflect on the fact that although immigration law can be tedious at times, it is essential to the well-being of our country.