Only 2 Days…

The last countdown days are here…I can’t believe it.

I’ve been wanting to go to japan for 7 years. 7 years my passion for japan had first bloomed, and now only 2 days are between me and accomplishing my dream.

I’ve been dedicated to doing this for along time, making it my goal, and purpose. I was rejected by alternate programs for going to japan, but finally I can go and experience it.

I think I’ll make a video, since i don’t really see alot of video about actually being at the airport, on the plane, customs and arrival as it happens.

Man, I REALLY need to get on that plane now…even though i haven’t finished packing. The anticipation is building up, and I’m starting to realize what it means.

This is BIG…at least for me.


Yes! I just got my Visa for Japan!

That was the final item to get! Now, all that’s left to do is fix some loose ends with friends and family, study (I’ve been slacking really badly), and get on the plane!

There’s only 12 days left to go now. It’s finally starting to dawn on me now.

I kind of wish that I was traveling with someone, but I’ll have people to talk to and share my experiences with when I’m there. Who knows, Maybe some of the other international students will be fun to hang out with!

P.S. I also got a digital camera just for documenting my experiences, so this blog won’t be all text!

The Beginning

Well, there’s only 17 days until I leave for Japan. Might as well start a blog.

I’m Sondey! I’ve been studying Japanese for around 3 years, the first one with a mentor for 6 months, then by myself for 6 months, and the last two years I’ve taken courses in college. I’m not the best, but I try my best.

I’m going to Nanzan University in Nagoya, Japan as a student. I’ll be spending 9 months there, and I look forward to the intense courses that my hosting university offers.

My goals are to become much more skilled than I am now in Japanese, to make Japanese friends, to discover myself and the people/place I’ll be interacting with, and to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.

What I want to do for fun is visit the countryside, go to karaoke for the first time, and visit Okinawa.

By the way, I have another blog about going to Japan called BlackManJapan. I wanted a blog that wasn’t part of Dickinson where I could be a bit more candid. BlackManJapan is not related to Dickinson College in anyway and is my own personal blog. The views and comments expressed on that blog are mine and mine alone. Basically, it is a more intimate view of my time than Sondey in Japan, and the most intimate views probably will go into my journal, not on a public blog. If you want to know more, let me know, and we can talk about it (if you’re a close acquaintance of mine).

This blog is just a basic rundown of what’s going on during my time abroad, while BlackManJapan should more detailed. Because of this set up, the posts will generally be similar on each blog, though some will only appear on one, or there will be differences in posts, even if they have the same title.

Lastly, this blog is part of Dickinson, which means I will reveal more things about my identity here, but not on BlackManJapan. I feel that this area is more secure.

Well, see ya around!