And the summer begins!

The summer has begun and things are already in full swing. I am interning part-time at the Jewish Museum of Maryland, but I am also continuing my old job of working at a pool in my hometown. So this will be quite a busy, yet fulfilling summer! Last week I began my internship, and I have already learned so much from it. It is an exhibitions research internship with the curator of the museum, so I’ll be working on an upcoming exhibit called¬†Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews and Medicine in America. The exhibit will examine the stereotype of jewish doctors by looking at how jews in America have been involved in the medical world. The first week at the internship was occupied by background reading on the exhibit to help me get up to date on what the exhibit is all about. This was exhausting but ¬†definitely a necessary evil. I read two documents about the exhibit–the script (about 20 pages) and the walk through (about 60 pages).¬†These documents are used to maintain an organized narrative of what the exhibit will include. I have never read anything like this before, so it really gave me a sense of how exhibits are put together. It was the perfect introduction into what a curator does in this stage of the exhibit design process. Next week I’ll be sitting in on a meeting with the exhibit designer!

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