I’m not the only one under 40 years old anymore

This week marked the official start of the internship program; I had started earlier than the other interns because I’m part time.┬áThe first two days were our orientation, which included presentations on safety, history of the museum, and future plans. We met most of the staff and went on a tour of the building. A docent took us on a tour of the campus, which includes two historic synagogues. We also had time to go through the exhibits by ourselves, and then had a discussion about them with the curator the following day. The collections manager took us down into the basement to show us around the collections and gave us an introduction to object handling.

After the second day of orientation, we were all invited to our internship coordinator’s house for dinner. Apparently the staff has these “Taco Tuesday” events frequently, so it is easy to see that the staff works well together. And of course I can’t resist a good taco; they were so good!

There are 7 interns total, and I have one other in the curatorial department with me. There is an interesting range of museum experience. There are 4 interns in grad school (one specifically in a museum studies program), one just graduated high school, I’m in my undergrad, and I’m not sure about the other intern. This allows me the opportunity to talk with the interns in grad school about their experiences. Talking with a museum professional about their career is much different than talking to a grad student going through the program at this very moment. Different perspectives on the same topic are always helpful when deciding what I want to do with my life…haha…

And one more thing–last year I was the only intern at the Howard County Historical Society, a very small organization. I was the only person under 40 years old! Having 6 other interns around me know is quite a change, but a good one at that! It allows me to learn so much from the people around me.

Next week will be my 4th week already at this internship!


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