Bagels and coddies and lox, oh my!

Yes, this post is about food, very good food. Interning at a Jewish Museum definitely has its perks. There is a practically historic Deli just around the corner from the museum called Attman’s Deli, and I went last week with one of my fellow interns! They have all of the classic Baltimore and Jewish deli food. They have bagels with lox, coddies, matzah ball soup, kugel, halva, jewish apple cake, and intense deli sandwiches. Here is the lunch I bought:



I had a shrimp salad sandwich on rye bread and a coddie with the classic mustard and cracker. It was magical, and it was a fun outing with another intern. I’ve really been enjoying getting to know the other interns, especially since we are all interested in museums.


Now here is where the Girl Scout Cookies come in–Lunch was ordered for the new Board Member orientation, and (lucky for me and the interns,) there were leftovers! The above picture shows the aftermath, but the table had been filled. There were bagels, lox, white fish, cheese, tomatoes, fruit salad, Girl Scout cookies (!), and danishes. Needless to say, this was one of the highlights of my day.

All this food talk does not mean I’m not enjoying the actual work I’m doing though. It has its ups and downs, but I’m enjoying it overall! I helped my supervisor finish the script and spreadsheet for the upcoming exhibit, and I’ve been working on loan requests. Learning about how an exhibit comes together makes you really appreciate it more and understand the message.

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