8 Reasons To Get An Internship

1. You’ll make new friends
Your internship site will likely have more than just you as an intern, so this provides an opportunity to make new friends with peers who have the same career interests as you!

2. You’ll get real world experience
My current internship is not my first job, but there is always more to learn. Getting an internship will help you develop your work ethic, no matter how experienced you think you are.

3. Internship Grant program
Dickinson’s Career Center can help with extra costs associated with the internship through their Internship Grant progam. My grant is helping to me pay for gas for my commute to Baltimore three days a week.

4. Internship Notation Program
The Internship Notation Program through the Career Center gives you the opportunity to get your internship put onto your official transcript. It involves completing a few reflection assignments, but these are really the best part. The assignments force you to think about your experience and your career aspirations.

5. You’ll make connections
You’ll have the opportunity to chat with other professionals at your internship site. Connections like these can help you in the future getting a letter of recommendation.

6. Provides an air conditioned escape from the summer heat
Yes, office buildings are often quite chilly, but at least it is better than being in the blazing heat!

7. You’ll learn about your field of interest
This is the real gem in the internship experience, and oh yea, it is the entire point of an internship. You’ll learn the methods of your career of interest, and you’ll learn marketable skills that you can put on your resume.

8. You’ll learn more about yourself
This part depends on how much you put into it. If you make the best of your internship experience, you’ll figure out your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you decide what you want out of your future career.

The Internship “Golden” Moment

This is my second internship, my first being last summer, and I have noticed a pattern in how I have felt as an intern throughout the summer.

The beginning:
The start of an internship can be scary, and it usually involves asking lots of questions. You don’t feel comfortable yet; you still feel new. You don’t know your fellow interns very well yet. This stage can be long, but don’t fret–it is a necessary step.

The middle (aka the “golden” moment):
I have noticed that there is a definite point in every intern’s experience where they notice that one feels comfortable. You ask an appropriate amount of questions, and you can complete tasks on your own. You finally feel like you know your fellow interns, and wow– you are all weird. Both weird in a goofy, unique, awesome way, but also a “one of us” weird. You are all obsessed with the industry you are interning in. This golden moment is key–it is instrumental in your learning experience. It means that you are truly learning about your internship industry and the tasks that you are doing. It is all about how comfortable you feel. One day, you just notice that you don’t worry about sounding stupid when asking questions, you don’t dread lunch small talk, and you enjoy the company of your fellow interns.

The end:
My internship this summer is not over yet, but last year “the end” was rewarding. You feel like you contributed to the organization, and your final feedback from your supervisor has possibly left you giddy with excitement. You may or not be exhausted from the long hours, but you are proud of the work you have accomplished.

The life cycle of an intern is short, but clearly defined. For this reason, it is important to notice these small moments of change in your internship experience.

Lego People and Giant Posters

A new exhibit has opened at the Jewish Museum of Maryland called Cinema Judaica. It consists solely of Jewish related movie posters, but it is actually really well put together. The marketing and collections interns (not me, I was working on other projects) made a stop motion video of us putting up the exhibit. The catch? It is with a small scale gallery model with legos as the interns. The video is exactly how we put up the exhibit, giant Ten Commandments poster and all. This poster is massive at 83″ x 83″. However, it adds visual appeal to the exhibit. The posters are a various sizes, so it isn’t just a room with pieces of colorful paper on the wall.


And here is the video for your enjoyment: