Things to look for in an internship

Going into this internship at the Jewish Museum of Maryland (JMM), I was aware that there would be field trips and workshops included in the internship program. I knew this would be fun and helpful, but I did not realize how incredible it would be. Not all internship programs offer these development experiences, but I now think they are one of the most important learning experiences an internship can offer.

The JMM intern program this summer included workshops in marketing, project management, resumes and interviews. These were helpful in learning how these general career topics applied to museums specifically. They also helped the other interns and I get to know the JMM employees because a different employee would run the workshop each time.

Field trips were also a big part of my internship program this summer. Two of the places we visited were the Baltimore Museum of Industry and the National Federation of the Blind. These trips included discussions with employees and tours. Field trips are helpful in giving glimpses into the inner-workings of other institutions.

JMM interns visiting the Baltimore Museum of Industry
JMM interns visiting the Baltimore Museum of Industry

The interns also had the opportunity to participate in an annual JMM program called the Summer Teachers’ Institute. This was a three day program with lectures for two of the days and also a trip to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I had never been there, so I’m glad I participated in that part of the program.

While trips and workshops shouldn’t be the sole decision maker in one’s internship search, they are an important thing to consider!