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LGBTQ group at USFQ: a response to what?
Posted by: , January 23, 2012, 16:25
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Today I met up with a gay professor at USFQ who said he would be interested in starting a student group here with me.  He’s from the US too and it’s his first year here. Nothing has been done yet in terms of LGBTQ anything, but the plan is to begin safe space training for the professors and do the whole sticker thing. A little disappointing but I guess farther than they ever got at my high school. He said he doesn’t have any other plans but if I could think of some we could try to make it happen.

On my way home I was thinking of better ideas, things to get people actually INTERESTED, maybe things we’ve already done with Spectrum at Dickinson. Quilt? Chalkings? Spoken word poetry? A zine? But then I realized I honestly know nothing about the culture or climate here. If we did chalkings, what would we even write? Things to convince people we’re “normal” (*puke*)? Angry things? Hurt things? Facts about gay people? Things to convince people to come out? Rights? I have no idea where to start: what is the current state of things? Is it a climate of denial? A climate of hatred? A climate of post-gay?

I was having the same problem in my poetry class the other day, thinking of things to write. Most political or social poetry is a reaction to something, or a commentary. But here if I react to something and that something doesn’t exist here, in this social context, then there is a disconnect. There is no transmission. I remember thinking that too in my WGST class at UBA in Buenos Aires. I’m usually so opinionated, but here I’m lost.

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well with the work

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