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Learning How To Read

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I honestly do not remember exactly how I learned to read, or when. I am sure my mother had purchased some books for me to read with her when I was very young, but I do not distinctly remember reading on my own until about first grade. I actually did not begin speaking (talking in general, let alone reading out loud) until I was three years old, so my memories of reading probably get tied up in that as well. I went to a speech therapist and they determined that nothing was preventing me from speaking, I just either did not want to or did not feel the need since I felt my mom understood me well without me speaking.

I have always loved books and stories though, for as long as I can remember. During my early elementary school days (first grade through third grade) I remember going through entire series of books that were lined on the shelves (A-Z Mysteries, The Secrets of Droon, etc.). I do not remember going through the alphabet letter by letter although I am sure that I probably had lessons like that in Kindergarten and elementary school. I did not attend preschool so if I had any experience with reading before Kindergarten, it would have been at home. I asked my mom about what she remembers concerning me learning how to read and she said that we used to read together before I went to school officially.

I would say that I definitely have always loved to read, and I think my love for reading was helped both by the availability of books at my school and also by my mom encouraging me.


  • I was an earlier speaker compared to my brother, but I get what you’re saying because your mom understood you, you didn’t feel like you needed to talk. I think that is very interesting because I’ve never thought of it that way. When you talked about the A-Z Mysteries, it brought up all of the books that I remember reading. My favorite books were “The Boxcar Children” and “Nancy Drew.” Although, I think I read Nancy Drew because my mom loved her books when she was a child and I wanted to be more like my mom. It was difficult for my mom to keep me reading, and a lot of times she would have to force me to read a book because it wasn’t something that I liked. Now, I enjoy a good book about a topic that interests me, but only when I have time to read it where I am not stressed out. I think that everyone’s story about learning to read is very interesting, and everyone’s stories bring up other memories that I did not think of when I was talking to my mom about how I learned to read.

  •   Professor Seiler
    April 10th, 2018 at 2:14 am

    Victoria, thank you for sharing this story. Does anyone in your life remember more about how you learned to read? It sounds like you were deeply connected with your mom–I hope you shared this post with her!

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