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Yoko Tawada Performance

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I was not sure what to expect upon going to the Yoko Tawada performance, because I knew that sometimes people are different on stage in front of many people compared to how they are in a smaller group. Since we had met Yoko Tawada earlier in a small group setting, I was curious as to how similar she would be when she performed. Interestingly, I feel as if she spoke in a similar manner in both of the settings, both large and small. To me this suggests that Yoko Tawada is quite self-confident if she can present herself in such a way that it is her honest self, no matter the context. Of course I do not know her well enough to determine is she was being authentic, but it still takes a lot of skill and self-control to be as measured and assured as she was in front of our class and also while performing.

In terms of the actual content of her performance, I appreciated how she used multiple languages while reading, and how she and the other presenter truly seemed connected in what they were conveying. I thought it was interesting how Yoko Tawada talked about languages as being apart of the same network; different pieces apart of the same whole. I liked how she addressed not only the significance of languages having meaning within themselves, but that accents as well communicate so much about the speaker. It made me think more about how generalizing languages in broad terms like “English” or “Japanese”, etc., does not account for all of the variations within languages themselves.

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