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A recent study conducted by the World Economic Forum ranked Costa Rica as the 42nd most desirable tourist destination (of the 133 counties ranked) and the 4th most desirable tourist destination in the Americas.  In the study ranking the countries in the Americas, Costa Rica only placed behind Canada, the U.S., and Barbados.  The study used a 6-point scale to rank the counties within 14 different aspects of tourism, and Costa Rica received a 4.42.  Some of the topics for ranking included environmental sustainability (Costa Rica was ranked 27th in the world), safety and security, health and hygiene, infrastructure, natural resources (Costa Rica was ranked 6th in the world), and human resources.  Tourists are drawn to Costa Rica’s many protected natural sites and its array of plants throughout the country.  Tourists like the idea of a “sustainable” vacation in a country that is devoted to maintaining the environment.  Costa Rica should continue its environmental efforts, but it must improve the safety and security of the country since it was ranked 72nd in the world in this category.  The country’s ground transportation was also only ranked 102nd in the world.  Tourism will not grow without security and effective transportation, so Costa Rica definitely has room for improvement.  Nevertheless, last year, Costa Rica received over 1,922 million tourists and over $2 billion in the economy.

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