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Journal # 15

Posted by: Heather | April 11, 2010 | 1 Comment |

Y Tu Mamá También was one of those movies I felt everyone but me had seen. For this reason, I needed to see it for myself and discover what all the fuss was about. I had heard it would be a fairly sexual movie, and after watching it I agree with that statement. Usually movies with a lot of sex scenes or movies with a lot of nudity are trashy but this movie proved to be different. It is a coming of age movie and shows that sex is a natural thing especially in a stage of life full of curiosity and exploration. I was impressed with the turn of events in the movie because they proved the movie to keep my interest rather than having normal events of growing up the movie incorporated things like death and breaking of friendships, which we often do not see in movies. The movie showed the very natural events everyone has dealt with whether they would like to admit to it or not. The honesty of the movie made the sex scenes more appropriate than those in trashy movies and gave the whole movie an underlying sense of innocence that is in concordance with growing up.

Another aspect I took away from the movie is that life is in constant motion and we must be able to roll with it as it comes at us. The parting words from Luisa, one of the main characters, were: “La vida es como una espuma, por eso hay que darse como el mar.” The meaning behind this can be interpreted in several ways, however, I take it to mean we should give ourselves away to those who care about us and take each day spontaneously because we are only given so long until we are thrown back into the sea. Luisa took her own advice and extended her friendship and her love in order to life live to its last drop.

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Me parecen observaciones muy astutas. No lo había pensado, y hace mucho que vi la película, así que no la recuerdo muy bien, pero supongo que el contenido sexual en la película tiene una relación muy importante, como tú señalas, con su sensibilidad juvenil.

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