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Journal {23}- Semana 12

Posted by: marcelle | April 25, 2010 | No Comment |

While perusing news articles on CNN, there was one pertaining to Spain that caught my eye. About a month ago, a team of Spanish doctors performed a surgery unlike any that have ever been attempted before anywhere in the world. The feat was the first full face transplant that took place at a hospital in Barcelona. A man had been severely injured after an accident and received a new nose, set of lips, teeth, and cheekbones. A total of over thirty doctors were on call in the hospital room that day. The marker of their success was undoubtedly the patients reaction post-procedure: “‘The patient asked to see himself one week after the surgery, and he reacted very calmly and with satisfaction, and when we asked him — in writing, because we communicate with writing and gestures — he said he was very grateful and satisfied.” While this was the first full facial transplant, there have been partial transplants performed France, the United States, China, and Spain.

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