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Journal 25- Semana 13

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Sustainable practices are now being taught to young people throughout Argentina. In cities, such as Buenos Aires, young children are learning about sustainable agricultural practices and other practical farming techniques to help them put food on the table. It benefits both the children and their families as a whole since whatever is grown at these small gardens, the children are allowed to take home with them to eat. The main source of land that is being used for this project used to be filled with garbage and served as a breeding ground for criminals, but fortunately community members banded together to reclaim it.”I really enjoy being here. It’s like my happiest place to be. The fresh air is great,” says Alexis [9-year old boy who started his own veggie plot on the land]. The farm, called The Semillas al Viento, was started by the non-profit organization, “Huerta Nino” who’s main goal is to prevent malnutrition and starvation in Argentina.

I thought this was really interesting, especially due to Dickinson’s involvement in the sustainability movement and adds an even deeper meaning to the word sustainable. In the U.S., we are caught in a cycle of overproduction, while this nation (and many other developing nations) can barely put food on the table.

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