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Semana 13 – #1

Posted by: strycham | May 4, 2010 | 2 Comments |

I remembered the name of the rapper in Julieta Venega’s video for “Eres para mi”. Her name is Anita Tijoux, and she is from Chile. That is not what I am writing about though. I was online looking at news and another rapper came up. His name is Nach. The article I read about Nach was about how he recently wrote a rap dedicated to the poet Miguel Hernández. The rap is called “Hoy conVerso con Miguel”. The rap includes verses from the poems “El rayo que no cesa”, “Nanas de la cebolla”, and “Sobre los muertos”. This song was an initiative of the University of Eiche. Nach said that he was proud to participate in this project, and that he is going to try and transfer what he learned to his own life. He wants to confront problems in his life the way that Hernández did. Fernando Borrás, another person involved in the project, said that this rap about Hernández is intended to bring young listeners closer to poetry, especially that of Hernández. I think that this is so wonderful. Similar to one of my last blog entries about involving younger people in art, this is a perfect strategy for drawing a broader group of people to art. I have attached a link to “Hoy conVerso con Miguel”. Everyone should listen! It’s really good!


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