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Posted by: sterlina | May 11, 2010 | No Comment |

Ever since I read about the Basque region a few years ago, I have been very interested in it. The concept alone is very interesting to me, being from America, that a region of a country is a known terrorist zone and very troubled in its relations to other regions. Recently, there was an arrest of the ranking of the separatist group in the Basque region, and the Spanish government has stated publicly that the group had been preparing an attack in Spain. Since the groups in the Basque region have come into fruition around 40 years ago, they have been blamed with causing more than 800 deaths. Lately the Spanish and French governments have been making more proactive efforts to combat the groups, making 32 arrests so far in 2010. The two men that were recently arrested had multiple failed attempts on the Spanish prime minister, as well as a failed attempt to destroy a famous museum in Bilbao. It is scary to think about what would have happened had either of those attacks been successful.

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