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Sterling Journal 21

Posted by: sterlina | May 11, 2010 | No Comment |

While looking over my orientation book for studying in Malaga next year, I was shocked by how in depth the booklet went into about Siestas. I have heard about the concept, but obviously did not understand the gravity of it. I find it amazing from an American standpoint that shops and businesses take multiple hours off in the middle of the day. Imagine if a major clothes retailer in the US took three hours off in the middle of the day a few weeks before Christmas-it would cause riots! I also found it interesting that Spaniards hardly ever wear shorts, hats, or flip-flops. That will make my dress code interesting over there, considering the majority of what I wear is at least one of, if not all of the above. I understand most people in the class probably knew that about a Siesta, but because I am relatively knew to Spanish culture I am fairly ignorant on the subject.

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