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Posted by: sterlina | May 11, 2010 | No Comment |

While I have written a lot about immigration in Latin America, I feel it is also important to look at immigration in Spain. Of the total population of about 45 million, about 10% of those people are immigrants, with most coming from Morrocco, Ecuador, Romania, and Columbia. While people immigrating to the US are immigrating largely because of available jobs, the unemployment rate for immigrants in Spain is about 67%, which indicates a different motive entirely. The countries that these immigrants are coming from are undeveloped and in the case of Columbia dangerous, which implies that even though they cannot get a job, people immigrate to Spain because of better living conditions and better safety. Also, a large number of immigrants are retirees who, much like people in the US retiring in Florida, retire in Spain because of its positioning along the Mediterranean, making it a perfect relaxing spot to retire.

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