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La Semana Poética IX

Posted by: perrotta | November 2, 2010 | No Comment |

“La Semana Poética” exceeded my expectations. The first night of the event, when I heard David Leo García read his poems I felt inspired.  Only two years older than myself, David Leo García has achieved more at the age of twenty two than some do in their entire lifetime.

What I found most interesting about La Semana Poética was that we were introduced to four generations of poets, David Leo García, Teodoro León Gross, Juvenal Soto, and Maunel Alcántara (the subject of Juvenal’s and Teodoro’s readings).  These gentleman show us how far poetry and literature can take you in life, and how many people can appreciate, and be touched by one’s words.  It also exemplifies the fact that despite one’s age, one can have many accolades.

Juvenal Soto and Teodoro León Gross both spoke about Manuel Alcántara. They referred to his poetry as “Poetic Passion” (Gross) and “Poetic Art” (Soto). Juvenal spoke more about Manuel’s style of poetry, saying that Manuel believes “Each word is irreplaceable, not matter how much we insist that another word can say the same thing.” .  He expands on that later in his reading when he says Manuel Alcántara conducts a search for the ideal word for a specific place in his poem. If I were ever to meet him I would imagine him to be an extremely meticulous and organized individual.

Teodoro took a different approach in describing Manuel Alcántara, he referred to his fascination with gin and dry martinis, but also mentioned his great accomplishments referring to him as a “dean” and a “legend within the world of columnists”. He has written a daily column for 52 years straight.

All four men show that despite one’s age, success is always possible. I also want to mention that the week ended with a great photo Professor Aldrich took of Junvenal Soto, Teodoro, Kim, Britton and I.  I really enjoyed La Semana Poética and like I have mentioned before, this experience has increased my excitement and interest in study abroad in Malaga, Spain .

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