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Marta del Castillo

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Although the sad story of seventeen year old Marta del Castillo happened almost two years ago, it is still being reported in Spanish newspapers because the case is soon approaching.  Based on the evidence, it is assumed that on the night of January 24, 2009, Marta was raped and murdered by the young man Miguel Carcaño in Sevilla.  He confessed to the murder and the prosecutor requested a 52 year prison sentence for him.  However, this is not enough for the family.  After months of countless hours speculating about what happened, crying about the situation, and slowly accepting the truth, Marta’s family has gathered 1.6 million signatures, petitioning for life imprisonment to be legal in Spain.  A popular jury was going to decide in this case, however it was recently decided that professional judges will take over.

Almost two years ago, when this horrible event took place, the nineteen year old boy who admitted to the murder confessed that he and two of his accomplices dumped her body in the Guadalquivir river.  Much of their original testimony was destroyed, however, because officials believed they were at first trying to mislead police because hey did not want Marta’s body to be found.  Unfortunately, the boys did a good job of confusing and distracting the police.  Her body has yet to be found and her parents have had to accept this horrible fact.  Although she is gone, she is not forgotten.  Her parents, extended family, and friends continuously keep her in their memories and fight to keep killers in jail.  The petition they worked on will hopefully spark a debate on life imprisonment, so people like Miguel Carcaño and all other killers get the punishment they deserve for such an atrocious crime.


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