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CNN Heroes

Posted by: berkleym | November 19, 2010 | No Comment |

On Thanksgiving Night, CNN will be honoring people from all over the globe who have made some positive impact on the world in its annual special “CNN Heroes:  An All-Star Tribute.”  This year, the 33 miners from Chile will be in attendance to watch the ceremony in Los Angeles, CA.  The past few days, CNN has been covering the miners’ trip to and around L.A. almost as much as it covered their rescue from the mine.  All of this coverage has left me asking, what about the actual heroes being honored?

I personally love the CNN Heroes special.  I think it is a wonderful way to honor people who do incredible things day in and day out not for recognition, but just out of the goodness of their hearts.  Many of these people have given up their jobs and homes to devote themselves to a worthy cause in order to benefit someone else’s life in some way.  These people aren’t celebrities or rock stars, just people who want to change something about the world.  This is the one night they are recognized and given the attention they deserve, so why should all this attention be redirected to the miners?  I mean this with no disrespect to the miners—they are heroes in their own way for merely staying alive.  However, they have had their time and their fame, and this night is not about them.  This is a real life example of Leon Gross’ point that there are other things that deserve the media’s attention besides the miners.  Why is Gary Tuchman chasing the miners around on an LA tourist bus when he could be spreading awareness of the causes that the heroes have devoted their lives to?  My message to CNN:  don’t ruin a wonderful event by focusing on the wrong things.  Give the heroes the recognition they deserve.

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