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Layoffs in Spain

Posted by: fertels | November 25, 2010 | No Comment |

While articles in US newspapers often talk about layoffs and cutbacks that companies have to make, it appears the same is happening in Spain.  More specifically, this is happening in Andalusia along the Costa del Sol.  Almost 600 jobs have been lost this year in the hotel business.  Fortunately, this number decreased in comparison to 2008 when close to 2,000 people lost jobs.  As the article states, 78% of all hotel jobs are on the Costa del Sol, and this year alone 4 four and five star hotels have closed and 5 more are filing for bankruptcy.  The Secretary of the Andalucia Hostelry Federation called for a pact with the companies to make sure there will not be a massive winter closing of the hotels.  They seem to be suffering due to a lack of travelers, but hopefully they can redeem themselves.

However, not all areas seem to be having this problem.  In Almuñecar, a seven star hotel is in the works that could potentially revitalize the economy.  It will open to the public in 2013 and the site has already been visited by a few ambassadors who traveled to Spain.  The 200 room building cost 230 million euros and will provide full time jobs to 600 workers (which is a dramatic difference from the 1,500 part time employees who work in Andalusia).  It is reported that businesses in nearby Málaga have welcomed this news and are excited for the hotel to open to the public.  Hopefully this extravagant hotel will do what the people hope for, which is revitalize the economy.



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