So quarantine in America, a time to do… what exactly? We all know that staying home, if possible, is doing our part to flatten the curve and stop the spread of the coronavirus, but what are we supposed to do with all of this new free time? If you’re a college student like me it probably means that your summer job or internship plans fell through or are somehow changed. If you’re not a college student, you could have lost your job or be working from home. Whatever your circumstances may be, they are definitely far from your normal. Whatever interruptions and surprising new turns your life has taken, you are probably feeling a lot of pressure to somehow to do something right now.

Anytime you sit down, whether that be to scroll through Instagram or tie-dye bleach another sweatshirt, you might end up wondering, can I turn this into a business? Or a movement? In a world so connected via the Internet, and driven by profit and entrepreneurship, I often find myself compelled to think, how I can capitalize on anything and everything I do? And although the Internet often adds to this invisible pressure, it is also a great resource for finding and spreading positivity.

Recently on Instagram I have seen several posts urging followers not to succumb to this pressure to produce. These posts have served as a reminder for me that I don’t have to use quarantine to start a business or become my ‘best’ self. In the words of instagram account “girlboss”

“sometimes surviving is more important than thriving, and that’s okay”.

Sure, quarantine might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to start certain projects, but it’s also a stressful time so don’t be too hard on yourself. Your most important project of the day can just be self-care. Taking time to be introspective and remove yourself from the constant inflow of information of is equally as important as being up to date. It is meaningful and necessary to listen to our bodies and minds and give them what they need. Often this means finding an escape from all the pressure

Instagram account “shityoushouldcareabout” reminds us

“we are human beings, not human doings”.

Although we are capable of so much, in order to be our best, sometimes we need to hit pause and just “be”. With the added stress of a global pandemic and one of the world’s largest collective calls for justice, sometimes I wonder how we are all still functioning. As we figure out how to handle living through a collision of historical events, don’t let the pressure overwhelm you. While watching a movie about 2020 might be seriously entertaining, living through it takes quite a toll on our mental health, no matter who we are and how we’ve been affected.

So whether you are trapped in a small city apartment, or stranded on a farm in the middle of nowhere and anywhere in between, don’t let the currant state of the world take you down. Look on the brightside the killer bees have been taken care of! But in all seriousness, if you can only see the pessimistic side of things don’t let that invade your space for too long. We all have shit days, but eventually they will get better. Surround yourself with positive things (and people if you can). We are social beings and feed off of the energy around us. Even if its just your bedroom that becomes your sanctuary it can be enough to get you headed in the right direction. Pull up your favorite YouTuber, podcast, book, movie or show, light your favorite candle, call up your besties (don’t you listen to that feels playlist today), and see where that gets you. Hopefully it’s something like in your bed with a facemask, your favorite movie and chocolate? Popcorn? A milkshake? My lactose intolerance would probably fight me on that last one but I think you get the general idea, take some you time and get your magic back.