Dickinson admissions provides a variety of ways for prospective students to connect with the school; there are many campus visit days each year, multiple tours daily, and hosts off campus events. While there are a number of online resources for prospective students to access, it is difficult to get a comprehensive understanding of the Dickinson campus from visiting a website. The current “virtual tour” on Dickinson’s website is not very comprehensive and simply shows a few pictures that fit under various categories – academics, student life, etc. As a tour guide I noticed that so many things that are key parts of a Dickinson campus tour are not included in the existing virtual tour and similarly, the virtual tour does not follow a route or locate where different things are in relation to the campus as a whole.I have created a virtual tour that follows the on campus tour route, stopping at each building or landmark that is discussed on the tour and providing a synopsis of it as well as a picture.


To make this map I used a GPS to collect the exact locations of the academic builds and other campus features that are discussed on the tour. I also mapped out the tour route and created a line to show it. I created this map in ArcGIS Online, however, before uploading my data onto the web platform I created a map in ArcMap with the appropriate layers that I wanted to include in my online map. These layers included the state and local roads around Dickinson’s campus, the different buildings differentiated by their type, the tour route, and my points of interest. When I uploaded the map I decided to use a satellite imagery image as the base map because it provided an areal view of Dickinson. As a result, I realized that it was superfluous to include lines for the roads and polygons to represent buildings – these features were perfectly clear in the satellite image.


While this virtual tour does not provide a comprehensive tour of the Dickinson College campus, and is not nearly as lengthy, it does provide an overview of the campus and college and general and can be beneficial to prospective students.

Map Images:

The tour route of the Dickinson campus tour.

The tour route of the Dickinson campus tour with points of interest

Some of the points of interest on the Dickinson College tour

Some of the points of interest on the Dickinson College tour