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The Food and Water Watch has created this nifty little app to help spread awareness about how accessible free water really is and where it can be found. It also helps to discredit the “but it’s so convenient” argument for bottled water. This is a great app that allows you to map water fountains and filtration stations aka I have spent many a study break wandering around buildings mapping and photographing water fountains! It’s been fun seeing all the little taps appear on the map. However, there are many more filtration stations and water fountains on campus. So, Dickinson iPhone and Android users, download this app and join in on the tap scavenger hunt! Let’s see if we can get every water fountain and filtration station mapped by the end of the semester–when you start looking for them, you notice that they are everywhere!

Don’t forget to take the pledge on the app as well. It tracks colleges and right now, Dickinson is ranked 29th overall and 2nd for a school of our size. Not bad, Dickinson!

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  1. Lisa B says:

    The beauty of the mobile app, and how it can make just about everything so easily accessible. Great idea!
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