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February 5th, 2012

Rules and Hints: John Cage

I would have to say that rule “8. do not create and analyze at the same time. That they are different processes”, would relate to my work the best. When I find myself creating if I try to analyze what is happening at the same time things end up taking longer to create and I just end up stuck in my head instead of actually making something.

What is Choreographic Thinking: Karinne Keithley Syers

First off I love that this article mentions Mark Haim, he is awesome!!!! I feel that this article and John Cage’s rules are pretty much saying the sae thing that to create art you can’t be like completely lock off to ideas and that you can not stay all up in your head to make something you just have to do it and see what happens and then think about it.

Doris Humphrey on Gathering

See there are different ways in which I create a piece. Most of the time it is by little accidents, sometimes I just go in with an idea. Each time the way the piece is performed and seen is vastly different.

Doris Humphrey on Arranging

This article is so true space and spacial arrangement is EXTREMELY important! I remember when I first started choreographing I was not using the full space. However, it can also be a choice to use very little space.

Hooks race representation, Madonna

After reading this article, I am very angry at myself for not noticing how inconsiderate, racist, and superemist Madonna’s image actually is. When I finished reading I immediately watched the like a prayer video and was very close to breaking my screen. It is one of the most ignorant videos I have ever come across. Today, Madonna has lost a fan!

Themes of contemporary art

I found this really interesting about all the things the body can represent and say. In the begging it mentioned how the body signals our identity and I thought that played perfectly into the idea of my bohemian rhapsody piece.

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  1.   springed on February 17, 2012 5:14 am

    Kevin, I’m interested in reading more about your thoughts on the last article here. Can you expand more specifically on your reaction to the Themes of Contemporary Art reading as it relates to your piece? At this point in your process, and given the material you have, it will be helpful for me to have a bit more context from you as the choreographer so that I can comment in a way that might be useful to you. When you say “signals of identity,” can you be more specific?

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