Artist Statement

April 24th, 2012

Kevin Piñero

Artist Statement

Applied Choreography

Dawn Springer

                                                            A MAN of Time

            Time waits for no MAN. The past semester I have noticed how fast life can seem. Even if you take the time to slow down, hind sight still makes time seem to go at a Mach 4 speed. This idea of time fascinates me and I wondered, is it possible to physicalize this idea? Through movements, music, and snow, I found that it is possible.

            There is something about linear movement that seems extremely meditative. It was this quality of movement juxtaposed with fast sharp movements I used to show urgency and calmness (two qualities of time). Even though this linear quality could solely go on for hours, I felt that it also needed to be juxtaposed. It was this need juxtaposition that made me use the floating quality of snow. However, the audience plays a key role in the piece.

            The sound track of the piece, shuffling itunes, is meant for the audience to be pulled in and out of the trance-like quality of the piece. Based on feedback, I do not really have a good sense of how the audience will respond to this piece. A few people become really engaged while others become extremely bored.

            It would be ignorant of me to say that other artists have not influenced me. However, it is all artists I have been exposed to that I am in conversation with. I believe that it is every experience that an artist has encountered that shows in their work.

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  1.   Companies on May 15, 2012 8:35 am

    Your post and reflections on time and its linear movement are really putting me into a state of deep thought too:) I’ve heard your secret piece as I wanted to immerse completely in the delivered trance-like athmoshpere and I certainly did, so I think that your style is really recognizable and it will always be, as you have gotten the knack for it: every artists own experiences are portrayed in his work, that is why they are unique!

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