Week Three

February 14, 2012

A couple of notes: The first phrase is intended to go along with the clips from week one (Sorry I totally failed at keeping the beat). I was having issues synthesizing actual phrases, aside from the first few seconds of section two, so I messed around with more movements to add to my vocabulary. I’m having my first rehearsal tomorrow so we’ll see how everything works on dancers other than myself. Continue describing the movements if you would.

Music credits as they appear: “Jessica”-The Allman Brothers Band; “Say That You Love Me”-Fleetwood Mac; “Because the Night”-10,000 Maniacs; “Born Under Punches”-Talking Heads

7 Responses to “Week Three”

  1.   JB said:

    I am a fan of the sit in and the music making. It shows how silence can actually be really loud. The other movements are quite unique.. very grounded yet flowy (made up word).

  2.   Layla said:


    I see freedom, weight, fun, slapping and tapping.

  3.   Mary Chobanian said:

    I agree with Layla – I saw those qualities too. I love the play surrounding heaviness versus weightlessness. Even when your grounded, you express a desire to escape it. The bit I especially enjoyed was toward the end, the last clip. Really cool movement there! I really like the slapping and tapping too.

  4.   Anna said:

    I love how the tapping spreads and gets bigger. I think you can bring stillness back into the picture more once you’ve gotten to your feet. I think you can drive this more towards irony. Not quite sure what I mean by that…but that’s what I see (??).

  5.   Kevin PiƱero said:

    I see waiting and impatience and then when the lovers song comes on and you’re dancing around I feel like I’m at a middle school dance. The rest I see a hesitance to do something.

  6.   harrisco said:

    I see that a lot of your improve is influenced by music ( aside from the beginning). Watching it makes me feel like when I first walk in the studio and I’m warming up. I curious to know what it would be like for you to maybe do this stuff without the influence of rhythm or music. Maybe expand more from when you were sitting down and tapping.

  7.   Lee said:

    I love the beginning tapping–stick with this and take flight for a while, I dare you. I would love to see this, as much of the following movements are liberated so to see this rigidity in contrast would be touching. good work.

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