“Like a Prayer”

February 6, 2012

[I know I haven’t posted any video yet. I’m addressing the problem. In the meantime, here’s a response to some of the posted class materials.]

We actually discussed this video when I took Fundamentals of Choreography last fall but I’m commenting on it more. I would consider myself a Madonna fan and “Like a Prayer” is without a doubt my favorite song of hers. Therefore I know I viewed the video and read the Bell Hooks article with bias. It was like Bell Hooks was attacking my baby. Okay, it wasn’t that severe, but I did find myself thinking “meh, meh, meh stop picking on Madonna. Why do we have to dissect everything?” Over winter break I went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Their current rotating exhibit is called “Women Who Rock,” which highlights the careers of women in music from Bessie Smith to Lady Gaga. A similar photography exhibit is on display at the Rock Hall as well. The photos were all taken by Anastasia Pantsios, a famous music photographer. Part of the caption she wrote for a picture she took of Madonna totally struck me:

Millions of words, including doctorial theses have been written about Madonna. I think they take her too seriously when she’s just good fun.

That pretty much sums up my feelings for Madonna. She makes such fun music and as a fan of hers, I can honestly say that I find her music to be just good fun. It also sums up my feelings for a lot of art, particularly in dance. I simply wish that I could create a piece of art that would be taken at face value. What if the artist never intended anything deeper than that to come out of their work?