Week of 2/6/2011


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I've always loved rhythms and performing in public spaces. My mom helped to grow that love within me by placing me in jazz, tap, and ballet classes starting at the age of 7. I continued until I was about 11. From 11 to about 14, I didn't have any formal dance training. I had some opportunities to dance in school plains, still pulling from the little, but solid technique I learned from a few years back. Upon entering high school, I started taking modern dance classes and continued until I graduated. When I started Dickinson, I continued with modern dance, but I have also begun to pay more attention to hip-hop, belly dance, and west african dance.

6 thoughts on “Week of 2/6/2011”

  1. I loved it since the first time I saw it. Your movements are so well-transition. You embody space extremely well which I feel is important in a performance.

  2. You’re movements are poised, regal, and sensual. Something that really stood out was the difference between the slow pulled movements and the movements that you strike.

  3. The skirt you’re wearing works well with the movements. Whenever you move so that the skirt flows backwards, it looks regal. I would agree that the movements are regal.

  4. You look strong and in control by these movements. I like the song it almost sounds like elevator music which is interesting. Also love the thud.

  5. You have come to it here. In this very scene you strip away the conscious reality that there is an audience as you desire- In your later videos you also come to this by the bouncing-Try placing these two together?? I could see them interact as the bouncing is so carefree, and this movement is very placed and almost moved by the external-the interaction of your arms and the air. Great work.

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